High Quality Photography Through Vivo X60’s UltraHD Plus Camera Modules


If you’re in the market for a great smartphone with some serious wow factor, the Vivo X60 could be right up your alley. It’s a stunning phone that packs a lot of features into a phone that’s easy to fit into your pocket. It has the power to update to the latest Android operating system and has plenty of innovative new features packed into its clean, modern design. But if you’re looking for a smartphone with all the wow factor without digging through the garbage can, the Vivo X60 could be exactly what you’re looking for. vivo x60

The vivo X60 Pro+ isn’t the cutting edge of smartphones, but it’s definitely up there in looks and technology. The phone has a premium design and a big screen that rivals many high-priced Android phones. The phone runs on a brand new variant of Ice Cream Sandwich, which is Google’s latest mobile operating system. The phone also comes with an ultra-efficient 1x camera module and powerful Qi wireless connectivity.

The camera system in the vivo x60 is designed to rival the camera systems found on high end smartphones, like the iPhone 4 and HTC Desire. Like the iPhone, the HTC Desire allows you to take standard pictures and then download them straight to your handset. However, the difference between these two smartphones lies in the speed at which the images load. When it comes to loading images on the screen, the HTC Desire takes considerably longer than the iPhone – and it’s even worse when uploading the pictures to the phone!

With a five-axis image capturing and a wide-angle lens, the Vivo X60 makes it easy for you to take great photos. In fact, the rear camera on the smartphone has a higher optical zoom than most other smartphone cameras on the market. This means that you get a natural feel for your subject matter, and that the image is of a higher quality when the picture is taken with the rear camera fitted to the handset. The Vivo X60 comes with an UltraHD+ photo album, which offers easy access to your most recent shots. The phone also comes with a wallpaper app that will enable you to change your wallpaper on the fly – a feature that a majority of smartphone manufacturers have yet to introduce.

As well as the stunning imaging on offer, the Vivo X60 also sports one of the most impressive touch UI’s available on any smartphone. The five-axis image capturing system means that the phone can capture a shot in the same manner as professional cameras – by looking into the viewfinder. However, the handset also incorporates what’s known as capacitive touch technology, which means that it can recognise your fingers as you tap the screen. With the use of the Vivo X60’s excellent stabilisation system, this allows for you to take a number of different photos, and all with the same level of clarity and accuracy as you would from any point-and-shoot camera.

In addition to the stunning images that you can capture with the Vivo X60, you can also enjoy the phone’s video features. The phone comes with two unique modes, called Motion Detection Auto Focus and Video Panning, which enable you to take excellent videos with your handset. In the Motion Detection Auto Focus mode, the images captured by the rear camera of the handset are shown on a larger version of the phone’s screen, whilst the video panning mode will pan the images captured in order to capture the effect of the camera moving from left to right. The Vivo X60’s HD video capture modes are also superior to many other smartphones, offering up to two hundred and twenty five frames of footage.

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