Long Lasting Battery Life on the Samsung Galaxy A12

Long Lasting Battery Life on the Samsung Galaxy A12

Samsung Galaxy A12 is an conveniently priced handset offering a host of facilities. However, its impressive quad-phone set-up is the biggest highlight of this smartphone. Although offered with a generous 5,100mAh battery and 3GB of RAM, the typical user will be disappointed as it can’t match up to the high-end smartphones available in the market. The bright side is that this smartphone is cheaper than its predecessors, which should not be reason enough to overlook it.

One of the highlights of Samsung’s latest offering is its sleeker design compared to its predecessors. The Galaxy A12 has a unique rounder edge glass on the face, which provides a neat and tidy look, and the phone is also devoid of any protruding hardware like the ones on the iPhone and HTC Evo Shift. This is another reason why the average user will find the touch screen a little too smooth, but this can be easily remedied by taking a case or bag which provides a nice buffer between the glass and the skin.

Samsung Galaxy A12 runs on a powerful and efficient quad-core processor, backed by Adreno genre hardware. It comes with two gigabytes of RAM and a generous 3 gigs of storage space – plenty of room to install a decent games collection. Another highlight of this smartphone is that it comes with a long-lasting battery. It boasts of an astounding Talk Time of around seven hours and standby time of around fourteen hours, making it one of the best performers in the market when it comes to the battery life stakes. The other notable feature of this handset is that it comes with a capacitive multi-touch screen which responds to your finger’s motion very quickly.

Let us now take a look at the camera department of the Samsung Galaxy A12. I have seen a lot of complaints about the quality of the images shot by this smartphone, but this is completely false. To tell you the truth, the resolution of this camera is just as good as the iPhone 5s and the HTC Evo Shift. In fact, it even outperforms the former in some areas, while lagging behind in others. This is especially the case when you compare the quality of the pictures taken in low light settings. To conclude, all in all, the camera of this Samsung Galaxy A12 does not disappoint, but just lacks the number one position in the pile for cell phones because it lacks fast charging.

If we were to talk about the battery, then we would again have to mention the shortcomings of the phone. According to my calculations, this low battery life should not be an issue if the manufacturer would make use of their fast charging capacity. However, this is unfortunately not the case with this smartphone, which consequently proves that users need to be more patient when using the device. With a little more patience, users should be able to enjoy long battery life on the Samsung Galaxy A12, but this requires that users would be willing to make use of a lot of applications that do not necessarily require a lot of memory. The applications that do not use a lot of memory are those that require a lot of processing power and memory, therefore, running processes continuously and using up a large amount of storage space. Galaxy A12

This is how the Samsung Galaxy A12 performs when it comes to battery life, but what about the rear camera? The rear camera of this smartphone can also prove to be an issue because of its low resolution, resulting in blurry photos. You may resort to cropping the photos taken and taking lower resolution photos in order to get better photos. To conclude, this smartphone has all the features that any professional would look for in a smartphone, however, it fails on some key areas because of its slow speed and poor storage capacity. Fortunately, this issue can easily be fixed by using the application called Camera Fix, which you can download from the Android Market.

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